Bespoke Tailoring

Our bespoke tailoring is the heart and soul of Soteri. Our house style reflects the indefinable uniqueness of Georgian culture, with its kaleidoscope of influences, colors and opportunities. We build on the timeless standards of traditional tailoring by infusing contemporary styles and tastes. We insist on creating the best silhouettes for each customer to complement his personality while ensuring accountability to a personal set of physical trademarks. Our goal is to set you on your true path to elegance and help you express a confident look.

The tailoring process involves face-to-face consultations with our skilled team of artisans to select the right fabric and interpret and translate your wishes into a distinctive and exquisite garment. Multiple fittings and adjustments take place to ensure a precise and inimitable fit. We have extensive experience crafting exclusive head-to-toe outfits such as suits and dresses, together with optional designs and accessories, ties, pocket squares and scarves among other garments.

For our bespoke tailoring, contact us to set up an appointment, and if you are in Tbilisi, please visit us freely at the Soteri fashion design and production house.

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